Registration for the JOIN-MED/MED-IST Network

Why should you register?
Join-MED wants to help creating networks among ICT researchers and developers across the MPC and with Europe to foster cooperation among them. And a network without people wouldn't work, so we need people like you.

Why do we ask so many questions?
The simple answer is "To make yourself visible". Join-MED is in the first place a virtual network where people can 'meet' and search for each other. So the more information you provide about yourself, the more visible you (and your research team) will get to the outside world, and the better the chances are that someone working in the same field will find you.

So take your time and go through all the questions and give some meaningful answers. You can come back to the questions anytime to change or complete them. Just log in as "Member" with the username and password we'll send you by email.

Before you fill in your contact data, please check if your name is already registered in our database.
For this we need your email address (if you changed to a new one recently, try with your old one, provided it is still working) and your family name.
Once you have completed your contact data and your FP7 interest you can login under 'Member Login" with the username and password that you will receive by email.

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