Join-MED Reports

 The Arab Republic of Egypt Investing in our Future - Building Together Our Information Society  
 MED-IST Report Nr. 1 FP7 ICT: Co-operation with the Mediterranean Countries
Priorities, Experiences and Policy Recommendations
 JOIN-MED Report Nr. 1 Join-MED at the ICT 2010: Meeting ICT Researchers from the Mediterranean Partner Countries  
 JOIN-MED Report Nr. 2 Developing ICT Policies to foster cooperation between Europe and the Mediterranean Countries
Paper presented at the eChallenges 2009, Istanbul
 JOIN-MED Report Nr. 3 ICT SICA Call 6 for the MPC: Understanding its Failures  
 Policy recommendation The Policy of the future: Trends and Recommendation  
 JOIN-MED Research Directory An analysis of the entries of the EU-MPC Directory at the end of the project.  
 JOIN-MED Research Directory - Annex Join-MED Catalogue of Organisations
Organisations registered from the MPC that have provided a description of their organisation and research activities