Five years of EU-MPC ICT Networking:
Since early 2007 until the end of 2011 the Join-MED and MED-IST projects established a networking platform for ICT researchers and developers with the European Framework Programme.

The Join-MED Network

During this time more than 1400 ICT researchers and organisations from the MPC and Europe have registered in the Join-MED 'Who is Who' Directory,

Over 70 project ideas were generated and discussed on our interactive idea forum, starting from the first event in Amman in December 2009 until the Final Conference in Tunis end of 2011.

Over 300 ICT researchers were trained through mentoring workshops on the EU Framework Programme.

Priorities and Policies

For the first time ever the strategic ICT priorities were identified through consultation with 250 stakeholders.
Through intensive discussions with the policy makers in the MPC the need for an ICT Vision for the entire region became obvious, and the first developed vision has already attracted interest by international organizations such as AICTO and UN.

The Networking Events

Five networking events throughout the MPC region brought around 400 researchers together, from the MPC region as well as from Europe. More than 160 ideas for proposals were submitted and discussed during these events, leading to the creation of numerous consortia for FP7 Calls.

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